France – High alert to protect Olympic torch relay – DW – 1/22/2024

French Interior Minister Gerard Durman said on Monday (Jan 22, 2024) that French police would be on high alert for any threats as the 2024 Olympic torch relay passes through Paris, where around 100 officers will be deployed for security. Torch bearers through safety fencing and anti-flying measures.

And you will come The Olympic flame arrived in Marseille from Greece Around 150,000 spectators are expected to attend a planned celebration in the city on May 8, before the torch begins its journey on French soil.

At a press conference Dorman said the “terrorist and anti-terrorist threats” to the Torch Relay were too great, referring to “extremist left-wing environmentalists”. “Islamic extremists “They are potential sources of such threats.

He added, “The torch relay receives a lot of media attention and the ministry is paying special attention to it as it can be a target for malicious activities. We conducted a review involving 11,000 torch bearers and 1,000 disabled persons. As a result of the process, 13 of them were excluded from the torch relay.”

The Olympic torch will be lit on April 16 in Olympia, Greece. Olympic Games.

An actress who plays a prominent priestess lights the torch for any session Olympic Games Be it summer or winter, before passing the torch to its first bearer on the outskirts of the old Olympic Stadium.

The flame will stay in Greece for about a week, where it will make a short journey before being handed over to the city of Paris, host of the Olympic Games, to begin its journey on French territory.

The Belém, a three-masted vessel classified as a historical monument since 1984, will be used for the Olympic sailing events in the French coastal city of Marseille, organizers in Paris said.

Around 18,000 policemen will be deployed for the security of the torch relay that will pass through the city on July 14 and 15 and on the 26th of the same month when the inauguration ceremony takes place. About 5,000 policemen will be stationed in Marseille once the fire arrives.

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