Footage of Reem Sami’s wedding gets a reaction…Amr Diab’s emotion, the most important of which (VIDEO)

Many celebrities are keen to celebrate their weddings during the summer season, which has witnessed a large number of wedding ceremonies compared to other seasons of the year, and in the past few days, Egypt’s art scene has witnessed many celebrating their marriages, and many different scenes have appeared in their wedding ceremonies, which have spread widely across the world.

Young actress Reem Sami celebrated her wedding with a businessman in Egypt last Friday. However, the festival is full of scenes that still stir controversy through social media, which are widely and rapidly circulated by activists.

The most prominent of these scenes was the anger of composer Amr Diab, who appeared next to him on stage to perform his work, and the Egyptian artist’s anger at him to adjust the sound of the instruments, adding to the record of his crises with fans and workers, an incident many found humiliating.

As for the artist Tamar Hosni, upon his arrival, dozens of his admirers and admirers gathered around him, but one of them caught the eye the most because he insisted on hugging and kissing him several times so that he would be embarrassed in front of him. Out of a desire not to embarrass her. This wasn’t the only snapshot of the Egyptian singer shared by the public from the concert, but they spotted him singing for his ex-wife Basma Bousil, who made sure to accompany him throughout the concert.

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The dance choreographed by director Mohammad Sami, the bride’s brother, with his wife, actress Mai Omar, was one of the most interactive scenes in the way the newlyweds seemed to be in another world, away from the throngs of performers gathered around them.

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