Fire at PIZZA SECRET restaurant… welding story again?

“The Lebanon Debate”

As a result of the fire at the Pizza Secrets restaurant in the Bechara el Khouri area of ​​Beirut, Beirut was shocked, and throughout Lebanon, 9 people were injured and many others were injured.

Colonel Maher Al-Ajos, ​​the commander of the Beirut Fire Brigade, said that the initial information was about a gas leak, but he denied that the fire was spread as a result of the welding process for the gas pipes. By the way, everything else propagated is false.”

He explained, “After disclosure, the two officers will prepare their report to be submitted to the public prosecutor to complete the investigation.”

Yesterday, forensic evidence examined the place, and 8 people were killed and 2 injured, one of them was in a critical condition, but soon the owner died, the number was 9, including 2 Syrian nationals, the victims were transferred to Rizk, the hotel. Dieu, Jeitawi, Wardiya and American hospitals.

As Beirut Governor Judge Marwan Abboud pointed out, Beirut municipal authorities did not address the issue of whether or not the restaurant had a license, and whether it complied with public safety conditions, including a fire station or emergency evacuation at the restaurant. , awaiting the results of the investigation against the owner of the restaurant, with whom Judge Zahar Hamada began to question.

However, as per preliminary investigations, it has been confirmed that there were more than 4 large gas cylinders and two gas company workers were among the victims in the restaurant.

“The victims died of smoke inhalation, not of their burns, but after escaping the fire at the restaurant's entrance into an interior room,” the report confirmed the initial story.

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Victims: Ali Zad, Hadi Shehab, Hussain Harmoush, Aya Marmar, Walid Zangour, Abdullah Youssef (Syrian), Youssef Abbasi (Syrian), Majd Ramadan and Imad Shugair.

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