EU aid worth €1 billion to support “Lebanon's stability” and “refugee delivery challenges”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Thursday that Beirut is counting on “good cooperation” to fight refugee smuggling operations from Lebanon in support of “stability” worth one billion euros ($1.07 billion). the beach

Van der Leyen said during a press conference in Beirut following a meeting with Cypriot President Nicos Christodoulitus. Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati: “I can announce a financial package worth one billion euros for Lebanon, which will be available from this year until 2027”, to contribute to “economic and social stability”.

He urged the Lebanese authorities to provide “good cooperation” to “counter irregular migration and smuggling of migrants” from Lebanon.

He indicated that the EU would support the Lebanese army with equipment and training to manage the borders.

Quotations Lebanon's official news agency Von der Leyen said Lebanon “is facing great challenges internally, as a result of tensions and war in the region. We understand that and we are the first to say here that the EU strongly supports Lebanon and its people. We want to explore ways to strengthen our cooperation.”

He added, “Today we discussed strengthening our political and economic ties and supporting Lebanon's security and stability (…) and we want to contribute to social and economic stability in Lebanon. First, by strengthening basic services such as education. , social security for the Lebanese people.” And health second, we'll be with you going forward.”

He noted, “These reforms are necessary to improve the overall economic situation of the country, which will allow the business environment and the banking sector to regain the confidence of the international community, so that the needs of Lebanon can be invested in a positive economic drive to create opportunities for its companies and citizens. Third, security and stability are also necessary for investment.

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He continued, “We will support the Lebanese Army and other security forces. This project will mainly focus on providing equipment and training for border management. In addition, it will be very useful for Lebanon to complete operational arrangements with the European Border and Coast Guard. The Agency (Frontex), especially the exchange of information and About Situational Awareness.”

He added, “Fourth, to help you manage immigration, we are committed to opening legal channels to Europe and resettling refugees from Lebanon to the EU. At the same time, we expect your good cooperation to prevent illegal immigration. Fight migrant smuggling.”

“The EU understands the challenges Lebanon faces as a result of hosting Syrian refugees. Since 2011, the EU has supported Lebanon with 2.6 billion euros – not only for Syrian refugees, but also for the host communities, and we will continue to support you.”

In addition, the European official said, “We are looking at how to make the EU's assistance more effective, including exploring a more organized approach to voluntary returns to Syria in close cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. At the same time, there is a need to strengthen support for humanitarian relief and early recovery programs in Syria.”

He said: “We want to stop focusing on the conflict in Gaza and its impact on Lebanon, we need a peace process that leads to a two-state solution.

A huge burden

For his part, Mikati said: “I renew my call to the European Union and the world to pressure Israel to end its continued aggression against the Palestinian people and to establish a final, comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian issue. We released Lebanon Agency.

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He added, “We devoted a large part of the meeting to discuss the file of displaced Syrians in Lebanese territory and the cooperation between Lebanon, Cyprus and EU countries to address this file and its direct and indirect consequences.”

He said, “Since the outbreak of wars in Syria in 2011, Lebanon has borne the biggest burden among regional and global countries on the issue of providing refugees, a file that has put great pressure on the entire Lebanese people. We are always interested in collaborating with various European and international organizations on this file in all Lebanese sectors.

He continued, “However, the current reality of this issue has become more than Lebanon's capacity to bear, especially since the number of refugees has now reached approximately one-third of the Lebanese population, resulting in burdens and challenges that will double the Lebanese economy. Financial crisis and the collapse of its infrastructure.”

And, “What's more dangerous is the growing alienation between some Syrian refugees and the Lebanese host community as a result of events and crimes that now threaten the security and stability of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. About the situation there.”

“Lebanon's security is the security of European countries and vice versa, and our serious and constructive cooperation to solve this problem is a real gateway to stabilize the situation, considering mutual respect and effective cooperation,” he pointed out. He emphasized the government's refusal to make Lebanon an alternative home for refugees.

He concluded by saying, “Lebanon appreciates the EU's new position in supporting the military and security institutions in Lebanon and communities in need, while allocating part of the support to encourage the voluntary return of refugees.

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The reports came after a meeting between Cypriot President Nicos Christophoulides and van der Leyen during his visit to Beirut with Mikati on Thursday.

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