Encounter with the Mother of the Mountain: Return south to Lebanon

The “Our Lady of the Mountain Meeting” called on the country's representatives to openly and clearly acknowledge that Lebanon is under “Iranian occupation” and that today's main battle is a war for Lebanese independence, and not a war for religious or political reform. Partition weakens the freedom struggle.

Al-Liga' called on the Lebanese government to return to southern Lebanon, saying, “The presence of the Liberation Organization does not serve Lebanon, or later the presence of the Syrian army, and certainly the presence of Iran on the border today. It does not serve Lebanon and the return to southern Lebanon and Lebanon by deploying the army and implementing its role.” It is carried out in accordance with the Constitution, the National Covenant and International Resolutions 1559, 1680 and 1701.”

He referred to the words of Patriarch Al-Rahi yesterday, in which he said: “National unity and its culture require two things: first, the creation of state institutions and their structures to protect the interests of citizens; Second, to carry the message of peace and understanding between the people of the Arab region and the people of the world, and to respect human rights in our Levantine society. This unity requires simultaneous abstinence from conflict: First, the state does not take sides in international and regional crises at any stage, except on major Arab issues. Secondly, the central government does not side with any faction or group in internal crises”.

The gathering condemned the abduction and murder of Lebanese Forces Coordinator Pascal Sulaiman and demanded the completion of the investigation and the implementation of justice.

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