Elon Musk has predicted that artificial intelligence will surpass intelligent humans within the next year

In a speech last Monday

When Musk was asked about the timeline for the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), he said: “If you define AGI as smarter than intelligent humans, I think we will achieve this within the next year or two. .”

There was a meeting between Elon Musk and Norwegian Wealth Fund CEO Nikolaj Dangen through the “X Spaces” service, in which the American billionaire said that artificial intelligence is limited by the availability of electricity and the next version. of the “Croc” robot, an intelligent chatbot from his company. The startup, xAI, is expected to conduct training by next May.

Musk, who co-founded OpenAI, also pointed out that a lack of advanced processing chips is preventing him from training a second version of the “Grok” artificial intelligence model.

Musk said about 20,000 H100 graphics processing units manufactured by Nvidia are needed to train the “Croque 2” model, and added that the “Croque 3” model will require 100,000 H100 units.

But while the lack of chips has been a major obstacle to AI development so far, power supply will be critical in the next couple of years in this environment, he added.

Musk founded XAI last year to rival OpenAI, which he filed a lawsuit against accusing it of abandoning its primary mission of creating artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind. Musk.

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