Do you suffer from insomnia and heart disease? Because “burgers”…

A new study published by Science Alert finds that ultra-processed foods are linked to health problems like heart disease and diabetes, and may contribute to chronic insomnia in some people.

Highly processed foods cause chronic insomnia

Researchers led by a team from Sorbonne Paris Nord University in France analyzed data collected from 38,570 adults as part of a special research project, linking dietary information to sleep variables.
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Marie-Pierre Saint-Onge, a nutrition and sleep scientist at Columbia University, says: “At a time when foods are highly processed and sleep disturbances are common, it’s important to evaluate whether food contributes to good or bad sleep in the United States.

After accounting for sociodemographic, lifestyle, dietary quality, and psychological factors, St. Onge and his colleagues found.

According to the study, highly processed foods accounted for about 16% of the total daily calories consumed by the participants, and 19.4% of these suffered from symptoms of chronic insomnia, and this group appeared to consume the highest amount of ultra. Compared to other participants – processed foods are a way of life.

Men suffer more from chronic insomnia

The data showed a slightly stronger relationship between consumption of highly processed foods and chronic insomnia in men compared to women.

Although the study focused on a specific period of time and relied on participants’ self-reports, the large number of samples studied reinforces the importance of this relationship between highly processed foods and sleep quality. In more depth on this link, the Science website reported.

“It should be noted that our analyzes are cross-sectional and observational, and we did not evaluate the longitudinal association,” says Pauline Duquesne, an epidemiologist at Sorbonne Paris Nord University, “Although the data do not prove causation, our study is the first of its kind and contributes to knowledge, “Ultra-processed foods Current information about

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What are ultra-processed foods?

According to the BBC Good Food website, highly processed foods undergo extensive manufacturing processes with the addition of many chemicals such as artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, emulsifiers and colours.

These foods are often made to be convenient, cheap, and shelf-stable so they are often ready-to-eat or reheat, and they often contain ingredients that cannot be found or used in home cooking. .Examples include desserts, snacks and desserts, cured meats, cakes and biscuits.

These foods are high in calories but low in nutrients, so they are not good for your health, and because the ways in which foods are processed vary widely, their effects on our health vary. Arabic Post

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