Do planetary alignments in the sky affect human life on Earth? NASA responds

Planets aligning phenomenon is one of the rare astronomical phenomena as a person will see it only once in a lifetime, last Monday the sky witnessed this phenomenon in many Arab countries, within a few days, 6 planets will be aligned. This event of the Moon joining this alignment is one of the rarest and most unique events in astronomy and can be seen in the sky with the naked eye.

A rare event in which the planets align in the sky

Arab countries will clearly see this event as a group of planets including Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will appear in sequence. In a straight line, this unique sight is not real, as scientists explain the matter, people will imagine this alignment in the sky, and they also hinted at the possibility that it will continue until the end of June.

Best time to visit this event

  • The best time to see the event is at sunrise, but NASA has confirmed that skies should be clear.
  • She added NASASome people in some countries may need to use binoculars to see the phenomenon clearly.
  • NASA said: June 29 is a good viewing date, when the planets appear best behind each other.

Does this event affect people’s lives?

  • Experts from NASA confirmed that this event will not affect people’s lives, cause volcanoes or earthquakes.
  • He said that the planets are located far away from the Earth and their gravitational influence on the Earth is almost non-existent.
  • Experts continued that once Neptune and Uranus moved in their orbits.
  • They are no longer located close to each other in the sky.
  • It takes 100 years until Neptune joins Uranus.
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