Crush.. Why did the new iPad Pro announcement stir controversy?

John Terrence, Apple’s director of smart device engineering, stood up last Tuesday and announced that Apple has decided this year not only to expand the limits of what can be done on iPads, but to “squeeze” those limits entirely. Don’t imagine that the official announcement of a “crush” for the release of the iPad Pro 2024 is causing all this anger among the company’s fans, especially in the artist community.

The ad, which has reached 720,000 views at the time of its release on YouTube, shows a large group of human inventions, ranging from musical instruments and various toys, as well as a stone sculpture, to an abundance of toys and colors. All this under a huge industrial crushing machine.

The crushing machine completely crushes all the components between its two parts, and when it is raised, the world’s thinnest iPad, the iPad Pro 2024, appears below.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared this promotional clip in a post on his personal account, just imagine the amount of things that can be produced with this device.

A clear message

What Terence said before the ad was shown was that the new iPad Pro will raise the ceiling of users’ ambitions and imagination to levels they’ve never reached before. Compared to

Likewise, Cook’s tweet highlights that Apple also wanted to convey the idea that the announcement “squeezed” more advanced capabilities into the heart of the 5.1-millimeter-thick tablet.

While the messages are clear, their hidden meaning may be due to the level of anger among artists who have seen Apple try to express with its new ad the idea that the development of technology is eroding the human connection of creators. History is included in modified products…humans manipulate their lives and realize a degree of creativity and innovation.

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The release of this announcement comes at a critical time for tech companies racing to create devices and technologies that deliver the benefits of artificial intelligence, with complex implementations and overlapping messages, as human innovators take a defensive stance. To put an end to this development, they are moving towards the future to maintain control over the situation and an era will not come when smart systems will replace them due to their superiority in skills and capabilities.

Some criticized the choice of the song “All I Need Is You” as the promotional song, while others saw it as the American company’s new iPad Pro 2024 device, equipped with all the advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence. As a replacement for all tools resulting from human creativity crushed during advertising.

The matter reached the point where Apple was accused of narcissism, and the audience of artists and creators could not hear and understand the general situation experienced by the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies, whose platforms are capable of shaping images. , creating music clips and creating videos, from just text commands.

Few understood Apple’s intended message, based on an idea used by Apple’s founder, the late Steve Jobs, to offer a “thin” and lightweight product that included a large array of tools and technologies. When he first released the “iPod” music device, he coined the phrase, “Imagine having 1,000 songs in your pocket.”

The group also attacked Apple’s implementation of this marketing trend, as the company exaggerated its concept to illustrate the level of creativity and development in the new iPad devices. , so the ultimate vision of advertising is closer to destroying the tools of human creativity than to its suppression as a product.

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2024 became 1984

Some artists believe that Apple, with its new Crush ad, is contradicting its own vision, which was laid out in its famous “1984” ad, which was shown at the American football Super Bowl in 1984, and focused on the idea of ​​Mac computers. Change the world’s perception of computing devices and you will break the stereotype of computers.

At the time, Apple was breaking out of the norm and preparing to offer a completely different experience to the computer market with the arrival of Mac devices, so a hammer throw by English discus thrower Anya Major broke the display screen. British novelist George Orwell’s 1984 novel “Big Brother” is a character that shatters fossilized thinking and opens new horizons for human creativity.

Therefore, some artists joked that Apple’s new “Crush” ad destroys its idea of ​​human creativity, because it crushes its tools under the weight of an industrial crushing machine and replaces them with an electronic device, which gives humans a virtual. A replacement for everything material and real in their lives.

Some artists have argued that the Crush ad made the year 2024 look like 1984, projecting a phrase Apple used in an old ad to convey that Mac computers don’t look like the novel “1984”.

Big Attack

Reed Morano, director of the popular Handmaid’s Tale series, blamed Tim Cook and Apple for not being successful in their selection as they demanded that the company rectify the situation.

Ed Solomon, the well-known writer of the movie Men in Black, mocked the ad and wrote a post on “X”, as if talking about Apple’s message from the ad, “Who needs human beings, their lives and everything that makes them valuable is now immersed in this technological device, and give us your spirit. give

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All critics agreed that the timing of Apple’s announcement was not successful given the protests and strikes by Hollywood workers and the trend of art and film production companies relying more on artificial intelligence. A large number of game and application developers have lost their jobs and even income… Famous artists are in legal disputes after mass production of art, due to infringement of intellectual property rights to their voices and artwork. Works that imitate human styles without their permission.

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