Corona is spreading again.. These are long term covid symptoms

The coronavirus has reared its head again, claiming multiple infections around the world with the “long covid”. In the United States, 23 million people are suffering from the so-called “Long Covid”, which has become a threat to the lives of millions of people around the world, without a specific cause of its appearance or finding a way to treat it. It is.

According to the World Health Organization, millions of people around the world are suffering from chronic Covid-19, meaning that symptoms and effects persist over a long period of time, explaining that “so far we don’t know much about this condition”.

The organization added that symptoms of “prolonged coronavirus” can last for weeks or months. He emphasizes that it can be difficult for doctors to diagnose the disease, especially since some people who test positive for the virus do not report their infection with the virus from the beginning and are not tested for Covid-19.

In this context, one medical source notes:Lebanon 24“Prolonged Covid means that the patient became infected with Covid-19 after about 4 weeks,” he pointed out, adding that “Covid-19 has undergone several subtypes starting with “alpha” and “beta”.
And “Delta” all the way to “Omicron”.

He explained that “patients who are susceptible to long-term Covid and have severe symptoms were infected with the virus before the omicron mutant spread,” adding that there are currently at least 23 million infections with the virus. the world

Medical evidence lists the following symptoms of this virus as side effects include fever, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, chronic cough, shortness of breath, and side effects such as depression and psychological tension. His condition is unknown.

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“There are many undiagnosed cases because the victims have not done the coronavirus tests (PCR), hence the difficulty in detecting the virus,” he pointed out.

He explained, “Several scientific studies have shown that a person has a viral presence from the Covid-19 disease, and this presence remains for a long time and becomes a point of inflammation that affects physical and psychological organs,” he said. People who feel symptoms of the virus should get tested for corona and visit a doctor to get the necessary treatment.

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