Conflicted Lebanese Judiciary Reading Five-Year Report: Time Wasted

Lebanon is involved in conflicting interpretations of the contents of a report issued by a meeting of ambassadors of five countries with ties to Lebanon at the US embassy in Awgar. Each party tries to interpret the content of the statement as it likes, especially regarding the use of the phrase “Lebanon cannot wait another month, but needs and deserves a president who will form a coalition to restore political stability.” And it: “Electing a president is necessary to ensure Lebanon’s effective presence on the table of regional discussions and to conclude a future diplomatic agreement regarding Lebanon’s southern borders.”

Some political forces and parliamentary constituencies consider a one-month deadline for electing a president as a fixed deadline, after which measures can be taken against those who obstruct it. The five countries at the meeting talked about taking action against disruptors, especially as the report concluded by referring to a return to the terms of the Doha meeting at the representative level of these countries.

An inducement, not a threat
When I asked the sources about the work of the quintet, they indicated that they did not agree on the issue of procedures or penalties, especially since the quintet had the powers responsible for all parties and one hundred and twenty-eight representatives, and not for a particular party. However, the use of the word “month” or a return to the terms of the Doha Agreement is encouraging and not threatening. On the other hand, Lebanon will be a partner in regional negotiations and insist on the need to elect a president regarding the situation in the south, creating a realistic connection between the two files, contrary to what the ambassadors said. Lebanon interpretations declare that the president must have a certain opinion and position as long as he is responsible for participating in these negotiations.

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In this context, a follow-up source says that the five countries do not want to link the presidential file to the war on Gaza and the conflict in the south, but in fact that link has been established, especially in light of the refusal of the main Lebanese authorities to discuss any files before the end of the war.

Advice or conversation?
Another aspect of the conflict in the interpretations among the Lebanese of the content of the five-year report is that the pro-dialogue forces, namely Hezbollah, the Amal Movement, the Marada Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party, consider the word dialogue to be a replacement. The dialogue between the Lebanese forces with the consultation has a clear indication that they have not rejected the idea and that they consider this content to be in line with their aspirations. On the other hand, forces opposed to the dialogue consider the content of the report to be in line with their own aspirations, as it focuses on consultation, not an expanded dialogue, and a commitment to open electoral sessions after a limited timeframe. will take place. This division in explanations takes a lot of time and is immersed in debates, which clearly shows that there is no readiness to carry out the presidential election, at the internal or external level, especially as far as the quintet is concerned.

An investment in wasted time
Discussions are also expected to affect the party responsible for conducting consultation sessions, amid reports of possible renewal of the moderation block mentioned in the five-year report for its initiative. Its development is now to hold consultation sessions with different constituencies, or with more than one party at the same time, or to call for such consultation, i.e. by a parliamentary committee. However, this may conflict with the powers and position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. As for the third option, holding a consultative meeting, such as the one held between the various constituencies with the participation of their representatives in the Parliament, in preparation for holding a session dedicated to discussing the European billion euro. Donation This consultation will be devoted to discussing the presidential election and the exercise of right. However, for those concerned, all of this does not seem capable of achieving a solution or settlement formula, but rather a time-wasting investment in waiting for the regional picture and the situation in Gaza and the south to become clearer.

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