Child rape case that shook Lebanon… Shocking information has been released

In the next few hours, the Lebanese judiciary is preparing to press charges against several members of the “Tiktoker gang” for crimes including the rape of minors in Lebanon and abroad. Reacts to this day.

Among them is a dentist
The investigation revealed that the case was like a snowball, and as information, atrocities and names rolled in, more information, atrocities and names emerged.

In this context, a judicial source told, ‚ÄúCharges will be brought against 10 inmates found guilty of criminal activities, including (JM), the hairdresser, the owner of the outfit. store in the Bourj Hammoud area, and a dentist will be prosecuted against other inmates, which will be completed in the coming days, because the gang’s file “is divided according to the crime he committed.”

A letter to Interpol
And he explained, “Lebanese authorities have written letters to Interpol to cooperate with Lebanon in arresting people suspected of being involved in these crimes and (authorities) in several countries, including Paul al-Moushi (who is accused of being the leader of the gang in Sweden and another man named Steve.”

In addition to the letter to Interpol, the Department of Justice also sent another letter to the Directorate General of Public Security as a preliminary step before issuing a judicial warrant against the suspect (HS) to verify whether he had actually left the country. Send him back to Lebanon.

More than 30 people are involved
The source also confirmed, “The absconding number is approximately thirty and security forces are trying to nab them through surveillance and follow-up operations.”

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Two days ago, the Anti-Cybercrime Office, which is overseeing the case, arrested and handed over to them a taxi driver who had taken the children in his car to a chalet in the Kasserwan area (north of Beirut) from Beirut and other areas. Gang officials who drug them in drinks and sexually assaulted them.

Another suspect who owned a shop selling digital currencies was arrested.

Testimonies of more than 10 minors
So far, more than ten minority gang victims (most of them men) have given official statements (the last of them yesterday, Wednesday) before the Lebanese judiciary, in the presence of representatives of the Juvenile Protection Association affiliated with the Ministry of Justice. , other minors have also made informal statements, according to a judicial source.

Small suicide!
While press reports said that a minor had committed suicide due to pressure during the investigation, a judicial source denied this and confirmed that “the suicide incident is old” and added, “Current investigation will reveal whether or not there is a link with the TikTok gang.”

During the investigation, several juvenile victims were confronted by gang members, especially when the juveniles’ job was only to “lure” the victims.

Confronting victims with gang members
“The confrontation between the victims and the arrested minors and the gang members is difficult and in the presence of the representatives of the events,” the source said.

As for the confrontation between the victims and the rapists, it was “extremely difficult,” according to the source, which took place in the presence of many of the victims’ lawyers.

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Victim Advocate Contact!
But the surprise came when one of the victims demanded the presence of his lawyer, and it later became clear that he too was suspected of having links to the gang.

A letter was written to the Bar Association (a suspected lawyer from northern Lebanon) requesting permission to prosecute the lawyer.

“A small number of families of child victims know what happened to their children,” a Justice Department source confirmed.

Notably, the TikTok gang scandal erupted a few days ago after Homeland Security reported to the Attorney General that it had sexually assaulted and photographed several minors. Organized gangs are forced to use drugs.

At that time, 6 suspects were arrested in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and the North, including 3 well-known minors from TikTok, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

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