Boycott forces McDonald’s to cut prices of its meals – Al-Bina newspaper

Fast food chain McDonald’s is gearing up to offer $5 meals at its US restaurants to attract more customers in an attempt to offset its losses as a result of a widespread global boycott.
The giant saw a slowdown in its global sales growth for the fourth consecutive quarter, according to a Bloomberg report.
The story of the McDonald’s boycott began last October when the chain’s accounts on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Instagram and Facebook posted a group of photos offering free meals to Israeli soldiers.
He attached photos that he donates about 4,000 meals a day to the occupying army and offers 50% discount on other food items.
Images of occupation soldiers carrying McDonald’s food bags were widely circulated on Palestinian, Arab and international communication sites, sparking outrage among pioneers of the virtual world. “
As the boycott campaign spread, several agents of the “McDonald’s” restaurant chain in Arab countries quickly issued statements in which they confirmed that they had no connection with the “McDonald’s” Israel branch and that “McDonald’s” was a joint venture. -The stock company is not owned by a specific person, but owned by millions of people around the world, they are 100% local companies, independent management, and all profits belong to local companies only, and only the stock of the international company. Allowing the trademark to be used domestically is called a “proprietary” system.

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