Beware of being idle during leisure time… it is dangerous for the heart!

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found that communities without adequate leisure-time exercise experienced higher death rates from heart disease.

The research team noted the urgent need for policymakers to implement public health interventions and measures designed to promote physical activity with the aim of reducing cardiovascular disease incidence and mortality, particularly in at-risk communities.

According to Medical Express, researchers noted that middle-aged and older women were among the least physically active groups.

Researchers analyzed data on more than 7 million deaths from heart disease in 2,900 U.S. counties from 2011 to 2019, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention database.

The analysis revealed a clear relationship between the prevalence of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease and high levels of physical inactivity during leisure time.

Lead researcher Dr. Shadi Abu Hashem said: “Women are more likely to engage in sedentary behavior and have lower levels of physical activity than men, and this may be due to social and cultural factors such as social expectations regarding caregiving responsibilities and gender roles. .”

The researchers pointed to factors such as lack of safe recreational infrastructure, irregular working hours and lack of child support as possible reasons for the decline in physical activity.

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