Between Israel’s Invasion of the South and Hezbollah’s Entry into Northern Israel: Surprises Await…

Israeli threats by political or military officials of the Israeli far-right and other current and former leaders to launch an expanded military operation against Lebanon, based on the increasing pace of action by Hezbollah in Lebanon, have increased. On the southern front, it became clear that the conflict was entering a new, completely different phase, the main topic of which was “expansion” and raising the ceiling.

Although the assessments of those involved on the Lebanese side still reject that Tel Aviv will carry out its threats, especially some of them are absurd and absurd, as well as the threat he made when Finance Minister Bezalel Smodrich asked Defense Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go to war with Hezbollah, subjugate it and destroy it, and move the security fence from the Galilee to southern Lebanon, “Hezbollah.” ” This does not deny that all possibilities exist. Its General Secretary Mr. As Hassan Nasrallah had previously reported, he was prepared for all possibilities and explored all possible options and scenarios.

In recent times, in the face of Israeli escalation, the party has gone on display with its military capabilities, mainly with its air force, which has created a state of great confusion among enemy ranks, but is certainly not revealed. , until now, on the contrary, he has many more surprises that he will have to reveal in the coming period, especially that instead of Israel invading the south, we may witness a reverse invasion.

The progress made by the party at the level of military operations prompts a serious question about the surprises it will have at the level of ground war if Israel decides to move there to create a buffer zone in southern Lebanon. As in the July 2006 war, the party has succeeded in inflicting heavy losses on the Israeli army during ground clashes, something demanded by officials in Israel, according to sources familiar with the course of military action in the south. There are many surprises waiting for Tel Aviv to do this kind of stupidity, and this new method, according to sources, will not be defensive.

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In this context, the question arises of threats made by Hezbollah in recent years about the possibility of its members entering northern Israel, not only protecting southern villages and towns, reminiscent of the al-Aqsa flood operation. The situation was considered too dangerous for Tel Aviv on October 7 last year, and the party was unlikely to be ready for it, and it meant being in conflict with Israel. The party does not issue threats that are not based on facts and prepared plans.

Sources reveal that this is not the first entry of Hizbullah forces into northern Israel before and after the war, which began last October, indicating that the surprises the Israeli army is witnessing are unimaginable today. The party’s belief is that Israel has gone all-out war with an attempted ground invasion.

Many surprises await Israel in any future war, but let’s sketch this scenario: The party faces an Israeli invasion attempt from the front, then a surprise from behind by closing the attacking Israeli ranks. According to sources, all scenes are verifiable.

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