Ben Gvir accuses Netanyahu of hiding draft deal…and threatens coalition

On Wednesday, the website of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted party officials as saying: “The prime minister is hiding a draft agreement with Hamas that includes a clause on ending the war. Ben Gvir will vote according to his conscience and will not be sure of the coalition’s position in the Knesset voting process until the draft of the agreement is covered. .”

Ben Gvir said he would not be part of the government if he chose the path of the agreement, and he said: “I repeat my words, I say to the prime minister: if you sign an illegal agreement it will end the war. Without the fall of Hamas, the Jewish Power Party will dissolve the government.

Although he did not see it, Ben Gvir criticized the plan, describing it as “a victory for terrorism and a security threat to the State of Israel.” He added, “Complying with such an agreement does not mean complete victory, but rather complete failure.

For his part, Finance Minister Bezalel Smodrich said he “will not be part of the government that approves the proposed structure.” He continued on the “X” site: “We demand that the war continue until Hamas is destroyed and all prisoners return,” and he opposes the return of displaced people to the northern Gaza Strip and the “wholesale release of terrorists. .”

In turn, the ultra-Orthodox Shaz party announced that it had decided to fully support the Israeli proposal for a deal, and pointed out that the plan “includes far-reaching measures to repatriate prisoners.”

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Netanyahu expressed his willingness to suspend the war for 42 days to implement the humanitarian exchange agreement, and said he would “only accept the achievement of the war’s goals and the elimination of Hamas.” A few hours later, Netanyahu released a short video in which he publicly reaffirmed his position this time in the Knesset, but did not categorically and publicly clarify whether he rejected or accepted what was said in Biden’s speech.

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