Awakening dormant cells and a lesson for those who are concerned

From September 2023 to June 2024, almost a year has passed, but the US embassy in Lebanon has attracted bullets towards it. In the first case, what happened was just a personal dispute and the official conclusion was that it was “revenge” against the delivery worker, which did not convince many, because the shooting at the embassy was not a simple matter in the world’s largest country, especially because the reason was “personal dispute.” But what happened yesterday seemed so serious that we could not ignore it and its seriousness for two main reasons: first, it clearly showed the involvement of Syrians in its implementation and belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS, and second. By this time the army was more prepared to deal with the incident and managed to arrest the assailants.

Following the events and developments, the Lebanese source says, these attacks on the US Embassy are unlikely to stop, and the limits of firing on it should not be exceeded, given the actions taken by the Lebanese Army in its vicinity. Embassy, ​​and the tight security backed by the latest types of technology the Americans use to protect their largest facilities. When the Americans decided to build their second largest embassy in the region and perhaps the world, the Americans expected it to be a target for receiving security messages, but they were convinced that external security would not be lacking. More important than internal security, so the risk was less. As for the reason for expecting the attacks, Lebanon is an exploitable country, and it is easy for those who do not support US policy and send their full support for Israel from Lebanon.

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As for ISIS’s return to the security arena, the source says the organization is not innocent. Used at any time, and their goal is…to create chaos and in a country like Lebanon, this matter may reach the limits of “controlled chaos” which can harm the existing order and structure without destroying it. The danger of the Syrian presence in Lebanon is embodied in the hundreds of thousands of displaced people, most of whom live illegally, however, Americans and Westerners prefer to stay in Lebanon and receive them in Syria or any other country, they consider that the interests of these countries will be less if they stay where they are, and about the danger of the presence in Lebanon. When asked, the answer comes by assuring them. Those who question this existence are not in danger because no one will allow Lebanon to disappear, but it is another thing to perpetuate its suffering and worry about its fate. Therefore, the decision of these countries regarding the fate of displaced Syrians in Lebanon will not change, even if security incidents related to this heavy presence on Lebanese territory increase.

In light of some criticism of the Lebanese Army’s actions near the embassy, ​​praise for its work and the work of the security services rose. He asserted that he would not attack the military, maintain international support for it, ensure that the status quo is maintained and does not deteriorate, and support the continued handling of security issues. And try to eliminate the many sleeper cells waiting for the green light to appear and do as they are asked.

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Lamenting the situation Lebanon has reached, everyone considers it a “warehouse” in light of regional and international stagnation.

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