Attacks on Nabatieh… and Hezbollah missiles into the Golan

Signs of escalation between Hezbollah and Israel continued yesterday amid Lebanese fears that the scope of the conflict could widen after Israeli operations reached the town of Nabatieh, far from the border. It targeted the Golan Heights for the first time since the outbreak of conflict in Gaza.

Yesterday (Friday) and for the second day in a row, Israeli drones targeted Nabatieh Governorate, while the Commander of the Northern Region of the Israeli Army, Yuri Kordin, announced that Israel aims to change the security situation in the north, near the border. with Lebanon, “allowing people to return safely”.

Army spokesman Avichai Atre quoted Gordon as saying at “X” site, “We are determined to change the already changing security reality these days and we continue to prepare to expand the scope of the war. “

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that an Israeli drone struck an uninhabited house in the “Al-Sogra” area at the northern entrance of Yahmar Al-Shaqif city in Nabati province yesterday and fired two missiles in two blocks. It penetrated the roof of the house and caused considerable damage. The agency reported no casualties in the area. Later, Lebanese media outlets reported that a second strike targeted a base between the towns of Arnoun and Yahmar in Nabati. Yahmr is about 8 km from the city of Nabatieh, which was the subject of a drone strike for the first time on Thursday, targeting a car in an assassination attempt against a Hezbollah military officer who later announced that he was targeting the “Gila” barracks. In the occupied Syrian Golan. Media reported that 50 missiles were fired at him.

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