Apple’s new iPad Pro announcement has angered artists

Apple’s new iPad Pro announcement has angered artists

Many famous artists have expressed their displeasure at the idea of ​​an advertisement for the new iPad Pro, which shows the forms of human creativity being crushed. , to be replaced by an Apple tablet.

For example, British actor Hugh Grant said in a post on the X platform that the ad reveals “the destruction of the human experience thanks to Silicon Valley.” Grant made the comment in response to Apple chairman Tim Cook’s post on Tuesday announcing new tablets made by the giant team.

“Introducing the new iPad Pro: imagine the thinnest product we’ve ever made, the most advanced display we’ve ever made, and the incredible power of the M4 chip to enable it all,” Cook wrote.

Apple briefly touched on artificial intelligence on Tuesday and didn’t say it would develop artificial intelligence, but all artists fear their work will be affected by the technology, which allows them to create text, images, video clips and all kinds of content. Music, based on a simple request in everyday language. Actors and screenwriters in Hollywood went on strike for months last year to demand protection from artificial intelligence.

Apple’s ad for the new tablet shows musical instruments, paint cans, a globe, a sculpture, cameras, books and other objects being gently crushed by a giant hydraulic press. Instead of musical instruments and other creative tools, the piston rises to reveal the iPod Pro. The scenes follow the sound of the nostalgic pop song “All We Need Is You” by Sonny & Cher.

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“Who needs human life and all that makes it live? Dive into this digital simulation and give us your soul. Sincerely, Apple,” said Men in Black screenwriter Ed Solomon’s satirical post on X. Reed Morano, co-director of “The Handmaid’s Tale” series, wrote in a comment on Tim Cook’s post: “My dear, look at what’s going on around you (…) because this abomination is awful.”

Many artists, novelists and writers have previously filed various complaints against major companies in the field, including accusing OpenAI, the creator of the ChatGPT project, of stealing their work to train its models for artificial intelligence.


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