An iPhone with artificial intelligence technology is coming soon

Apple is getting closer to finalizing a deal with OpenAI, the maker of the ChatGPT tool, just weeks before the iOS 18 iPhone update rolls out.

According to a Bloomberg report, citing “people familiar with the matter,” the deal stipulates that OpenAI will allow Apple to use its artificial intelligence technology in iPhone devices.

According to the report, the two companies have “finalized the terms of an agreement to use features in Apple’s iOS 18 operating system (ChatGPT)” and did not provide details on how the popular chat program will integrate with Apple’s software.

Discussions were fruitless

The deal will add “GPT Chat” to the tool to access a suite of artificial intelligence features that Apple is expected to bring to iPhone devices this year.

Apple has been in ongoing talks with Google to license its Gemini chatbot, but these discussions have reportedly been fruitless.

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Apple will release the operating system (iOS 18) in addition to updated versions of all other operating systems at its annual developers conference (WWDC) this coming June.

Being weak in the field of artificial intelligence, Apple is interested in the idea of ​​collaboration, so it is looking for someone to help it, and it thought about relying on Google because of the partnership between the two companies. On various topics like trusting it in search results and others, but Open AI seems to be the new partner, especially with Google’s delay in announcing actual updates to its artificial intelligence system.

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Yesterday, OpenAI introduced its new artificial intelligence model, GPT-40, which makes it more interactive with users, with a number of features that may be terrifying to some, the company said, “but others will be fascinated. by the quality of the publications.”

Among the features of the new version, he will be a personal assistant for people with special needs, especially blind people, who can open the camera, listen to artificial intelligence, find out who is talking and ask him. The point of describing the place, and his help to get something from a store, for example, help to take a taxi and other aspects of supporting the blind may be asked.

Since it is now possible to request the assistance of artificial intelligence and the system in simultaneous translation of conversations, there was also a talk about the direct real translation feature, which helps in the field of meetings, travel and work, so that these features are a real factor in supporting users in many fields in the future, especially in education and work.

In a live conference, OpenAI researchers demonstrated ChatGPT’s new voice assistant capabilities in a demonstration where “ChatGPT” used its visual and audio capabilities to help an analyst solve a math equation on paper.

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