An American council to address the risks of artificial intelligence

An American council to address the risks of artificial intelligence

The US government has created a 22-member federal council, including heads of Google, Microsoft and OpenAI, to advise on the “safe and proper” use of artificial intelligence technologies.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a statement Friday that the new team will help officials combat artificial intelligence-related disruptions that “could affect national or economic security, public health or safety.” He added, “The Council will help the Department of Homeland Security anticipate and respond to evolving threats posed by hostile government agencies and improve our national security.” It warned that hostile forces could use artificial intelligence to facilitate rapid and widespread attacks against targets such as oil pipelines, railways and other strategic infrastructure.

President Joe Biden appointed Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to form this 22-member advisory committee. Artificial intelligence is a tool for change, but it “involves real risks,” Mayorkas stressed.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in the same statement, “Artificial intelligence is the most transformative technology of our time, and we must ensure that it is used safely and responsibly.”

Among the council's most influential members are the CEOs of Adobe, Alphabet, Delta Air Lines, Cisco, Nvidia, and IBM. The council includes academics and politicians, including the governor of Maryland.

The organization will hold its first meeting early next May and submit recommendations to safely identify artificial intelligence in “fundamental services that Americans depend on every day.”


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