America’s “Anora” won the “Palm d’Or” at the Cannes Film Festival…

American director Sean Baker’s film “Anora” won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday. Greta Gerwig, head of the festival’s jury, said during the announcement of the winner of the event’s most prestigious award at the end of its seventy-seventh session: “This film is wonderful and full of humanity (…) It broke our hearts.”

And a movie “Anora”, It is a thriller-drama about a young dancer who becomes involved with the son of a rich Russian and tells her of moving from the slums of New York to the luxurious villas of Russian oligarchs.

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“Anora” beat out 21 other films in competition, including films by famous directors like Francis Ford Coppola and David Cronenberg.
In his acceptance speech, Shawn Baker called for the films to be shown in theaters: “The world needs to remember that watching movies on a cell phone or at home is not the right way to watch movies. .” Watching, he asserted, “we share sadness, fear and laughter in the hall.”

Initially, the movie “Anora” looks like a 2024 version of the Cinderella story, then its story takes a dramatic turn, turning into outright comedy scenes in this two-hour and 18-minute movie, reminiscent of the American classic. Depicts the other side of cinema and the American dream.

Cannes Film Festival 2024 Awards Main Category Winners:

– Palme d’Or: “Anora” by Sean Baker
– Grand Prize: “All We Imagine as Light” by Payal Kapadia
– Directed Award: Miguel Gomez “Grand Tour”
– Jury Prize: “Emilia Perez” by Jacques Audiard
– Special Jury Prize: “The Sacred Fig Seed” by Muhammad Rasulof
Best Screenplay Award: “The Substance” by Coralie Varga
– Best Actress Award: “Emilia Perez” by Jacques Audiard Starring: Carla Sofía Gascon, Zoe Saldana, Selena Gomez, Adriana Paz
– Best Actor Award: Jesse Plemons for “Kinds of Kindness” by Yorgos Lanthimos
– Golden Camera Award: “Arman” by Halfton Ullman Dundell
– Palme d’Or for short film: “The Man is a Code – Not Remain.”

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Jesse Plemons is a great actor

The actresses of the musical comedy “Emilia Perez,” directed by Jacques Audiard, including Carla Sofía Gascon, Selena Gomez and Zoe Saldana, won the joint award in the Best Actress category.

American Jesse Plemons won Best Actor for his performance in Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Kinds of Kindness.”

Plemons (age 36), who recently starred in “Civil War,” was not on stage to accept his award.

In the film, Plemons portrays an ordinary manager whose daily routine is disrupted when his charismatic boss (Willum Dafoe) asks him to perform an irreplaceable act.

It was announced during the Cannes Film Festival that Lanthimos’ next film, currently titled “Pugonia,” will star Jesse Plemons and Emma Stone.

Honorary Palm to George Lucas

Amid applause from the audience and jury members, George Lucas, the creator of the famous “Star Wars” film series, received an honorary Palme d’Or for his lifetime from his friend and director Francis Ford Coppola. Closing ceremony of the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

After the ceremony, Lucas asked American director Sean Baker to hand over the Palme d’Or for his film “Anora.”

Upon receiving his award, Lucas said, “Francis is a great friend and brother, and I thank him for what he has always done for me.” “I’m here today to thank you. I’m a boy who grew up among the vines in California. It’s a great honor to be here,” he added.

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