Amal Tanb Elias Rahbani was impressed by her voice and introduced her to the Rahbani brothers…and he collaborated with Jean Abi Khanem, which turned out to be a love story.

One of the most beautiful voices, Amal Tanb Abi Khanem, is the sister of Lebanese artist and artist Ronza and Fadia Danb Al-Haj and astronomer and psychiatrist Samir Danb. First, he started with the Rahbani brothers, then in 1973 participated in Studio El Fan and won a gold medal. During the war he worked for Voice of Lebanon radio for about 5 years, where he hosted an hour-long live variety show.

Its cultivation

The artist, Amal Tanb Abi Khanem, grew up in an artistic family, his father was the visual artist Maroon Tanb, and his mother studied classical singing at the conservatory and sang for Abdel Wahab along with Oriental stanzas and Byzantine hymns. His uncle was Bishop George Kather.

Meeting the Rahbani brothers

I worked Amal Dhanb Abhi Khanem For about three years with the Rahbani brothers, he participated in the series “Day to Day” when he was 17 years old. After meeting Elias Rahbani through a relative, he was impressed by her talent and asked his brothers to listen to her voice. She went to the Rahbani brothers' office in Badaro and sang in front of Mansoor, who praised her voice, and she traveled with them to America, after which she worked with the Rahbani brothers in Baalbek and their plays. Piccadilly Theater in Hamra and participated in “An Hour and a Song”.

A meeting with Jean Abi Khanem

Amal Thanb met Jean Abi Khanem, who later became her husband, and they worked together. He is a playwright and lyricist, and holds degrees in philosophy and theology. During the summer we collaborated on the Beitddine festival and mobile theater work in the Lebanese regions. During the winter, the focus was on academic drama and work in schools and universities. They continued this way for about 15 years and presented the play “I am from Lebanon”, sketches and children's play.

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Lebanese song

Amal Tanb Abi Ghanem, together with her husband Jean Abi Ghanem, presented a program about the identity of Lebanese song, presenting an artist who expressed his relationship with Lebanese song or adapted an Egyptian, Gulf or other song. The goal was to shine a light on Lebanese music, and the guest artist's songs were recorded with a dance group, and the show was so popular that it ran for 13 episodes.


The idea was born from the artistic beginnings of sisters Amal Ronza and Fadia at the level of religious songs, and they asked the late Mike Harrow to perform music in 3 voices at religious events. Then in 2004, Amal's idea was to try again with traditional or special songs, and her two sisters were interested in it, and they started with their brother Sameer, who was especially talented and could compose and distribute 3 voices. They started with well-known classical pieces and then they asked Qadi Rahbani to write several Rahbani songs for them, including “Numum Chandranum Neighbors” or “Medley”. Gifa Fagouri asked them to perform a concert with the symphony orchestra in Jordan, and he liked her singing, so they went to Jordan, they were afraid of the audience's reaction, because the composition was in unison. It was not heard that it was composed for 3 voices, and fortunately, they were well received by the audience and the orchestra that composed it. It has around 60 musicians and from here Triorient officially started in 2005 in terms of horizontal and vertical distribution. After that, they traveled to Canada, Europe, France, Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and the Opera House in Cairo and Alexandria. They gave concerts at the Convention Palace in Debah, Lebanon, Babdad area and outside Lebanon. Sultan of Oman.

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Vote sharing

Amal Danb expressed the distribution of voices in Triorient as follows: “Ronza is a soprano voice, which gives high, high notes, Amal is a mezzo soprano, and gives middle sounds, and Fadia is a wide voice, giving low notes. It is a great blessing and we got it from our mother. There is constant diversification in the program.” Triorient singing is not boring, and there are songs written especially for us, and each of us has a solo, and the remaining two say something else, “in words or voices, lamentation.” And it is possible for one of us to sing a solo without the three of us interfering. .


For Amal Dhanb Abi Khanem, singing is a source of peace and unity for herself and the universe, and says the inner peace she feels is the deepest feeling she has ever experienced. Chanting has been a profound form of artistic expression ever since the release of the album “Hallelujah Ya Mahabba” which contains 20 hymns spread across the globe. His works were not limited to songs, rather I presented romantic songs and songs covering love, patriotism and other topics. Amal Tanb Abi Khanem says about prayer: “Today, more than ever, many are desperate, hopeless, and may need prayer every day at a time when they are losing hope. I pray for faith, hope and not giving up to face the social and economic problems and obstacles we face to hold on to the country.

to honor

On Mother's Day, the group “Pioneers of the East” honored Amal Dhanb Abi Khanem with a large group of pioneer mothers and thanked Dhanb for “the exquisite effort of the organizing committee”. She said that the special song she sang was a gift to every mother and the duet “My mother, I am young” was a conversation between a mother and her daughter. Tanp noted that the child who sang with him was his brother's daughter Clara, who had great talent, and the song was composed by his brother Samir Tanp and the lyrics were written by her husband, Jean Abi Khanem.

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An invitation to Bahrain

Amal Tanb Abi Khanem responded to the invitation of Bahrain's Minister of Information, accompanied by her sisters Ronza and Fadia, and a large orchestra led by astronomer and musician Samir Tanb.

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