Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia's two matches in China were postponed due to Ronaldo's game

Soccer fans in China missed out on seeing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo on home soil after Saudi striker Al-Nasser fell ill, leading to the postponement of two friendlies scheduled for the 24th and 28th of this month.

Two matches between Al-Nasr and Shanghai Xinhua and Zhejiang FC were scheduled on January 24 and 28.

Ronaldo apologized – yesterday, Tuesday, in a press conference to Chinese fans – saying, “For me, today is a sad day.”

He added, “Some things in football you can't control, you know, I've been playing football for 23 years. Unfortunately, I've had some problems.”

Al-Nasr announced the postponement of both of its matches, saying in a statement to X, “Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond Al-Nasr's control, we regret to announce that the two-match event scheduled for January 24th. 28 has been adjourned to a date to be decided later.

He added, “We have come to Shenzhen with great respect for Chinese football fans, especially fans of Al-Nasr Club and its captain Cristiano Ronaldo.”

A spokesman for the “China Tour” organization told a press conference that the sudden postponement was due to a “health problem” related to Ronaldo, without giving further details. All tickets were sold out within hours of the third date. This month.

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According to Chinese media, the most expensive tickets sold out within seconds of being introduced. Organizers assured the public that an “unconditional refund channel will be opened soon” for those who purchased tickets.

About an hour after the announcement, the “hashtag” of the Portuguese star's apology became the most discussed topic about Chinese football on the Chinese social networking site “Weibo”, reaching more than 19 million views.

Ronaldo said, “I've been coming to China since 2003, 2004, so I feel at home here. It feels like my second home,” adding, “I love this country, I love being here, I love being with you. I love playing for you.”
He added, “We are not canceling (the two matches). We want to come back here to your country.”

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