Al-Ahli News Today | A recovery before facing Al Hilal and a humiliating situation for the former Al Rakhi star

Today, Tuesday, April 16, 2024, we bring you the most important news of Al-Ahly Club.


The Arabic version of the “GOAL” website tracks the most important news of Al-Ahli Saudi Club and what is happening around the team today, Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

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Freshen up before facing Al Hilal

Al-Riyadiah newspaper Matthias Jaesle explained; During the match against Al-Hilal in the 28th round of the Saudi Roshan League, Al-Ahli's technical director decided to return Mohamed Al-Majid and Frank Gezier to the team's starting line-up.

Both have been absent recently due to injuries, but their availability for El Clasico on April 19 has been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Roberto Firmino and Alain Saint-Maximin both joined training after missing Sunday's session yesterday with prior permission.

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Al-Ahli Al-Hilal await the standings of the match

Al-Ahli are waiting to know their position when they face Al-Hilal in the 28th round of the Roshan League after the Asian match between Al-Saim and Al-Saim was postponed.

Today, Tuesday, Al Hilal will face Al Ain of the United Arab Emirates in the first leg of the AFC Champions League semi-finals, and Al Ahly in the local league on April 19.

But the decision was made to postpone the Asian match due to bad weather at the Emirates, affecting the local El Clasico.

The Saudi Professional League's competition committee is expected to announce the stand against Al-Hilal and Al-Ahli by postponing it or holding it on its regular date.

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Video | Former Al-Ahly star insults “female” referee…Youssef Belaili's immoral behavior during Algeria Cup

Performed by Algerian Youssef Blaley; Former Saudi Al-Ahly star and current Mouloutiya player Qada behaved inappropriately towards Maihat. Referee of the Algerian Cup quarter-final match. (See details)

“An urgent change of plan.” Al-Ahly went up against Al-Ain before the Clasico with Al-Hilal in arms

Al Hilal Club decided to make a change in the football team's program in the next two weeks. Al-Zeem prepares to face Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates and Al-Ahly. (See details)

A return to tradition and a special consideration for Al Hilal.. The competition committee prepares the calendar for the 2024-2025 season.

The Saudi League's operations department, headed by Carlo Nohra, has prepared a preliminary proposal for the new season's calendar in Saudi football, and the proposal has been sent to clubs for consultation. (See details)

“After planning to team him up with Karim Benzema,” the French star receives two tempting offers from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia have opened talks with one of the French league's most prominent stars. Mercato next summer to officially sign him. (See details)

“Al-Soma's Dream, Noor's Contracts Fraud and Al-Shalhoub's Fables Follow in the Footsteps of Saudi Star Brothers.”

“A brother is a supporter in bad times and a companion in good times.” But in the world of Round Witch, sometimes things go the other way, be it on purpose or by accident. (See details)

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