Ahmed Al Sadani thanks everyone for their condolences to his father Salah Al Sadani

Written by Asir Ahmed

Monday, April 22, 2024 12:32 AM

Artist Ahmed Al-Saadani was keen to thank everyone who mourned his father's death. The late great artist Salah al-Saatani The deceased, who died yesterday, wrote on his personal account on Facebook, “Thank you to all who mourned, I have full faith in God Almighty because he lived long and always loved people, truth, goodness and beauty more than his love for art and family.

Al-Sadaani added, “We belong to God, and you preceded us, and we will follow you. Father, I love you and they are my father.”

Posted by Ahmad Al-Saadani

The great artist passed away, leaving behind a great artistic legacy and a long artistic career between theater and cinema, in which he gave important scores and unforgettable roles in his artistic career, in which he became famous as the Egyptian theater mayor.

The late great artist Salah Al-Sadaani started acting from the University Theater, where he participated in several plays at the College Theater, forming a successful duo with his lifelong friend, the leader Adel Imam.

The late artist Salah Al-Sadaani took part in many prominent roles that made his name.

This is the role he played so brilliantly, especially with the character's age development, that he had to make double efforts to show aspects of old age in parts of the series which is classified as a unique drama epic.

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