After the arrest of a dentist in a child rape case, the number of arrests so far has gone up to 8

MTV reports that a dentist who owns a clinic in Akrafih has been arrested in connection with a gang of child rapists, bringing the number of arrests so far to eight.

Security services in Lebanon have arrested 6 of the thirty people involved, including influencers of the TikTok app.

A judicial source told Agence France-Presse that “at least 28 members of the multi-headed gang have so far been identified, which recruited young professionals from outside Lebanon to lure them through Tik Tok.”

The victims were “raped with objects placed in drinks provided to them, and forced to consume drugs, then advertised to them under the threat of blackmailing them through video clips.”

A security source accompanying the investigations told AFP that “six victims have given their testimonies so far and are no older than 16”.

“They are lured in many ways, such as giving gifts from clothing stores and filming advertisements or tricking them through fake accounts at a hair salon or social media sites,” he pointed out.

According to the defense source, after luring the children, those involved “raped them, filmed the rape, then made them watch the video clips and threatened them with publishing them if they talked about what they had been exposed to.”

According to a security source, the seriousness of the file is that “the incidents of rape and molestation affecting minors are not isolated incidents, but an organized act of mutual facilitation and exchange of victims within gang members.”

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