A new vulnerability in the iPhone operating system allows animated icons for apps


Find one of the developers New hole The iPhone operating system iOS allows developers to create animated icons for apps.

The developer explained Bryce BostwickThe vulnerability uses the system’s official API to provide alternative app icons, but avoids the need for the user to make manual changes.

The interface allows Camel Software for changing application icons Alternative application icons Developers provide many options for users to change icons, as in many such applicationsX“Paid service bundle X Premium, and Snapchat+ on the social service “Snapchat”.

The iOS operating system prompts the user to choose a custom icon within the app, and then the system displays a warning to confirm the change.

If the system cannot verify that the user intentionally selected the new icon, the icon change process is aborted, so the app cannot automatically change its icon in the background.

But the vulnerability discovered by Bostwick can change app icons without requiring user confirmation because the method used to exploit the vulnerability relies on changing the state of the app. It runs in the background.

Bostwick reviewed two apps for the idea of ​​automatically changing the shape of app icons. A useful feature with calendar apps is to display today’s date on the app icon from outside, just like Apple’s own Calendar app.

But the developer believes that Apple will not accept developers exploiting this vulnerability and will not change their app icons without the user’s express permission, and will definitely deny access to apps that use it.

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Several reports have suggested that the upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 18 will come with options that will give users more freedom to control the shape and colors of their phone’s interface. Main screen in a very free manner without adhering to Apple’s usual rows and columns.

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