A flagship helicopter disappeared after its pilot ordered it to increase altitude due to cloud cover

The helicopter carrying late President Ibrahim Raisi encountered a “cloud” during its flight, prompting its pilot to increase altitude before disappearing, the Iranian news agency quoted the president’s office chief, Golam Esmail, as saying.

Ismaili added, “After the inauguration of the Qala Qiz border dam shared with Azerbaijan, we went to Tabriz city in clear weather, but in the middle of the road we encountered a cloud as the pilot of the helicopter. On reaching those clouds, the president ordered to increase the altitude, but after the altitude increased: the presence of the president’s helicopter No symptoms.

From the moment the head of Iran’s presidential office announced that radio communication with the president’s plane had been cut, efforts began to contact the president’s personal bodyguard, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahiyan, the Friday imam of Tabriz and the governor. of Tabriz, without receiving any reply from them.

Ismaili added that he tried to contact the captain of the president’s plane and was instead answered by the imam of Tabriz Friday. He said, “Our flight crew reported that they called the pilot’s mobile phone, but instead of Captain Mustafawi, Mr. Ayatollah Al Hashem answered, ‘I am not feeling well. They have fallen into the valley.’ Then I called Mr. Al Hashim and asked, ‘Where are you?’ So I asked him, “How are the others? Do you see them?” Mr. Al Hashim said, “I don’t see anyone, I’m alone, I don’t know what happened, and there’s no one around me.”

The head of Iran’s president’s office explained that it was after that call that he was involved in an accident.

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Ismaili added, “We learned that other passengers in the helicopter died on the spot and the condition of the bodies indicated that the flight crew “died immediately after the crash”.

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