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Apr 222011

Eileen-CreamerA Victorian woman accused of murdering her husband after he made demands for kinky sex says she can’t explain why she killed him.

Eileen Creamer said “things got out of control” on the weekend in February 2008 when she stabbed her husband David in the abdomen and beat him savagely at their home in Moe.

She told Justice Paul Coghlan of the Victorian Supreme Court jury that: “I couldn’t believe I had done something like that.”

Creamer does not deny killing her husband, but says she did not commit murder.

Giving evidence at her murder trial, Creamer alleged that in the previous year when they were living apart, her husband came into her house and raped her, although there was little evidence to substantiate her claim of rape.

Creamer further claimed that her husband constantly talked about threesomes and tried to get her to sign up for sex parties, although she told the jury that she still had no explanation for the killing.

“I can’t explain it,” she said.

“Things just got out of control that weekend.”

Asked why she lied to police about her husband’s death during her record of interview, Creamer replied that she was “scared”.

“I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t believe I had done something like that.”

Creamer alleged that she had been raped the previous year. She said she was going to report the matter to police but her husband convinced her not to, alhough again there was little in evidence to support this claim.

The couple moved to New Zealand in the 1990s.

Because he was “coloured”, David Creamer had not been able to mix with white women under South Africa’s apartheid system, Creamer told the court.

She said her husband had enjoyed being able to mix with white women in New Zealand.

“It was just a whole new world for him,” she said.

Mr Creamer had had affairs in New Zealand and later in Australia, she said.

Despite Creamer’s claims however, a jury found her guilty of her husband’s killing and she has been jailed for 11 years.

Eileen Mary Creamer, 53, was the first Victorian woman to be found guilty of defensive homicide.

Forensic evidence was used to highlight the ferocity of her attack on her husband, which was possibly done with a South African tribal stick, before she stabbed him repeatedly in the abdomen during a fight at their home.

A jury found her not guilty of murder, but guilty of defensive homicide.

Justice Paul Coghlan said the couple had a dysfunctional relationship.

He said Mr Creamer died after a “very substantial” beating that demonstrated Creamer was “out of control”.

Justice Coghlan ordered South African-born Creamer, who is also a former New Zealand resident, serve at least seven years in prison before being eligible for parole.

She has already served nearly two years in custody.