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Gary Coleman

May 302010

Gary Coleman, the 42 year old former child star, died after an intracranial hemorrhage.  

It was announced late this week that the actor was in critical condition after suffering from a head injury.  It was announced yesterday that he was taken off life support, and then died.

It has been reported that Coleman fell at his Utah home, and that is what caused the injury.  He was rushed to the hospital, and then his wife, Shannon Price-Coleman, took him off life support on Friday and he passed on.

Gary and Shannon have had a tumultuous relationship. They appeared in Divorce Court and he pleaded guilty to domestic violence earlier this year.

Shannon Price was also arrested in 2009 for domestic violence as well. It has been alleged by a close friend that the diminutive star, who by virtue of his size was vulnerable to physical attack, may well have suffered previous injuries at the hands of Shannon Price, which went unreported because of the stigma attached to male victims of domestic violence.  In any case whispers are growing that there is more to his apparent fall in his home than has been reported.

There’s no word whether or not an autopsy will be performed on Gary Coleman.  In addition, the domestic violence that took place in the Coleman home hasn’t been linked to his death at this time.

Susan Price was next to Gary Coleman when he died.  We are very saddened by his death and will keep you informed of any details as they surface in the next few days.