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Drug Use

Mar 042011

Now that Charlie Sheen’s two young sons have been temporarily removed from his home, and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller has filed a restraining order against him, the question remains–what will happen to his kids?

According to celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, Sheen’s behavior over the last several weeks will play a large role in his custody battle.

“I don’t think its even a question about custody,” he told The Early Show’s Chris Wragge Thursday morning. “I think the question is will he ever be able to be alone with his kids? That’s the problem now.”

Felder said that Sheen’s TV appearances–in which he’s exposed his unusual living situation–have only weakened his case.

“If I were representing him, I’d put him on the stand and just keep showing these things. He doesn’t deny the drugs. Doesn’t deny the alcohol. And he himself is exhibit A when you look at him.”

However, Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller is not without her share of problems–something Felder readily admits. Sheen has said he intends to make a bid for full custody of his twin sons based on Mueller’s alleged cocaine use.

“Comparing the two of them, one has a handgun and the other has an atom bomb,” Felder said. 

Some celebrity alcoholics seek alcohol addiction treatment help, but many other famous people may not even know that they have a drinking problem.