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This child custody, shared parenting & family law news (archived) blog contains a collection of old postings, articles and news items related to Family Law, Child Support, Divorce, Child Custody, Shared Parenting, Free Legal Support, Family Court, Fathers Rights, Men’s health and more. Click here to access the new F4E Family Law News blog.

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Women are biologically programmed to have affairs: new Study
WOMEN have evolved to pursue affairs in case they decide to leave their partners, scientists have suggested. While men have similar programming, it seems that the trait is more prevalent in females. ... Read more
One in Three Victims of Domestic Violence are Men
In 2007, a New South Wales father of two who we'll call Kevin Logan fell ill. Paralysed, he went to hospital and stayed there for two months. On returning home, he was bedridden for most of the day an... Read more
Divorce Advice For Those Close to Separation
There was recently an article by David Koch in the Daily Telegraph entitled "Simple money moves to make after Divorce",  advising the 50,000 couples of divorce in Australia each year on how to fina... Read more
New Private Service Staffed by Ex-CSA Staff To Help with Child Support Appeals
Dads who complain they are being ripped off by their ex-wives for child support are paying former public servants to prepare and lodge their ­appeals to pay less. Single mothers have ­attacke... Read more
One third of domestic violence victims denied services
  One third of domestic violence victims denied services Following last week's launch of Our Watch,  a new national initiative aimed to prevent violence against women and their childre... Read more
Public Hearings on Child Support (Canberra)
The Parliamentary web-site is may be interested in providing a verbal submission at the Teleconference at the evening session on 28 August 2014. Your submission can be up... Read more
Centrelink Offering Advance Payment to Parents in Emergency Cases
There is a not so well known option available for many people who are welfare recipients and have hit a rough patch financially. Centrelink offers an  “advance payment” to help you get by. To... Read more
Abbott Government to Launch Inquiry Investigating Domestic Violence Policy
Hot on the heals of the current Child Support Inquiry being held in Parliament, on the 26 June 2014, the Abbott government agreed to another Inquiry related to family law, which was referred to the Fi... Read more
Family Law Researchers Seeking Feedback on Independent Children's Lawyers (ICL)
If you are one of the many fathers who believe that they have been discriminated against by a Court appointed ICL (Independent Children's Lawyers) during child custody proceedings, simply because of y... Read more
Single Parents and the 2014 Federal Budget
On May 13th 2014, the Abbott Government released its proposed budget for 2014-2015. The budget has yet to pass the Australian Parliament and it is in some doubt as to whether many of the proposed re... Read more
Women more Controlling than Men: New Study finds
Contrary to the overwhelming perception in society, numerous studies and statistics recently published from a variety of disparate sources have indicated that women are more likely to be verbally an... Read more
Parents Seeking Shared Custody Only to Avoid Child Support: Inquiry Told
While Tony Abbott was on the hustings during the last election campaign, one of the lesser known commitments he made was to hold a Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia's Child Support system, if he wo... Read more
Another Child Psychologist Enters the Fray on Child Sleepovers with Dad
A US child psychologist has entered a bitter debate on toddler sleep-overs by warning that young children from separated families could suffer brain damage by sleeping over with their father if thei... Read more
The Single Mum on $55,000 in Govt Benefits
Joe Hockey has condemned a “crippling” welfare culture that weighs down the federal budget, and warned that government benefits will not be treated as a right when the nation faces a $50 bill... Read more
Woman Wins "Custody" of Embryos After Separation
A judge has awarded custody of frozen embryos to a 42-year-old woman over the objections of her ex-boyfriend who said it violates his right to not procreate. In 2009, Karla Dunston, began datin... Read more
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