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Recent Family Law Judgments – Equal Shared Care



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Banning & Wylie [2009] FMCAfam 1049 (9 October 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting orders – consideration of an equal shared care arrangement.

Burnham & Burnham [2009] FMCAfam 379 (22 May 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting – equal shared care.

Harris & Harris [2009] FMCAfam 81 (9 February 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Children – choice of school – equal shared care – substantial and significant time.

Nettleton & Parish [2009] FMCAfam 53 (2 February 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Children – commencing school – existing arrangement not in child’s best interests – consideration of equal shared care.

Thorn & Jennings [2008] FMCAfam 1330 (11 December 2008) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting orders – family violence – consideration of equal shared care notwithstanding presumption of shared parental responsibility rebutted.

Lincoln & Dallas [2008] FamCA 1000 (24 November 2008) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – With whom a child lives – Whether equal shared care is in the best interests of a child where there is significant animosity and communication difficulty between the parties – Final Orders made providing for the chil

Craven & Crawford-Craven [2008] FamCAFC 93 (4 July 2008) 
 FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – From decision of Federal Magistrate – CHILDREN – At trial the father sought an equal shared care arrangement for the child – At trial the mother sought for substantial and significant time to be spent by the father wit

Dann & Dann [2008] FMCAfam 508 (26 May 2008) 
 FAMILY LAW – Children – husband seeks equal shared care – both parents are loving, caring and involved – children’s views – children’s best interests. FAMILY LAW – Property – asset pool agreed – husband’s greater initial contributions –

SPS & PLS [2008] FamCAFC 16 (28 February 2008) 
 FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – From decision of Federal Magistrate – CHILDREN – With whom a child spends time – An appeal by the father against orders dismissing an application for equal shared care of the parties’ two children – The father had furt

R and W [2008] FCWA 19 
 Children’s issues – residence – change of circumstances – amendments to Family Court Act 1997 – not appropriate case for equal shared care – signficiant and substantial time with father ordered