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Recent Family Law Judgments – Entrenched Conflict


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Davies & Anor & Schwartz [2010] FMCAfam 144 (25 February 2010) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting – contact with mother and maternal grandmother – high conflict.

Ahcraft & Haber [2010] FamCA 6 (15 January 2010) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Relocation of mother – Father’s opposition to move – Equal shared parental responsibility – Substantial and significant time – Electronic communication – Parenting proposals of both parties – Issues of conflict and c

Royston & Royston [2010] FMCAfam 9 (12 January 2010) 
 FAMILY LAW – Legal practitioners – conflict of interest.

Maddocks & Clifton [2009] FMCAfam 1377 (23 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting orders – parental responsibility – graduated increase in time between child and father – detailed orders where the parents are highly conflicted.

Moers & Sands [2009] FMCAfam 1354 (18 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Child aged 7 – equal shared parental responsibility – high conflict between parents – injunction made in 2007 restraining child’s school being changed without the consent of both parents – child’s school enrolment changed unila

Camp & Pace [2009] FMCAfam 1460 (16 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Practice & procedure – solicitor – conflict of interest – potential pecuniary interest in matrimonial property proceedings – proposal for solicitor to acquire for no consideration matrimonial property – interests due administra

Fulwood & Wettons (No. 4) [2009] FamCA 1319 (4 November 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – FAMILY CONSULTANT – application by father to have Family Consultant and report removed from file – allegations of improper behaviour and lack of integrity – allegations of conflict – issue for cross examination – app

Blaxland & Vincent [2009] FamCA 1041 (16 October 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Parental Responsibility – Time spent – 5 years of conflict – Little ability to communicate – Child anxious – Need for certainty/stability – Sole Parental responsibility

Markham & Markham [2009] FamCA 754 (19 August 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CONFLICT – Application by the wife to restrain the husband’s solicitor from continuing to act for the husband in property settlement proceedings – Wife’s application is dismissed FAMILY LAW – COSTS – Husband sought an order for

Derwent & Derwent & Anor [2009] FMCAfam 863 (17 August 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting orders – sexual abuse or misconduct towards the grandchildren by the paternal grandfather – parental conflict – mother does not want children to spend time with paternal grandmother – time with father – time with pate