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Recent Family Law Judgments – Schooling


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Sackville & Yule [2009] FMCAfam 1400 (24 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting – most issues agreed – dispute about some specific issues including time on special days, arrangements for Christmas school holidays, the conditions to be attached to interstate and overseas travel and control of children.

Oldfield & Kalich [2009] FMCAfam 1362 (23 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Parenting – relevant time child should spend with the father – mother’s relocation application – question of what school child should attend.

Rogers & Newham [2009] FamCA 1330 (18 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Where children attend school

Moers & Sands [2009] FMCAfam 1354 (18 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Child aged 7 – equal shared parental responsibility – high conflict between parents – injunction made in 2007 restraining child’s school being changed without the consent of both parents – child’s school enrolment changed unila

Hubert & Mottie [2009] FamCA 1295 (15 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – With whom the children live – Whether the children will board at school – Who will bear the cost of boarding – How the children are to spend time together – The wishes of the children FAMILY LAW – JURISDICTION –

Ralph & Ralph [2009] FMCAfam 1241 (2 December 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – Contravention of parenting orders – school aged children – parents unable to communicate – addressing cause of failure to communicate – appropriate sanctions.

Hamill & Hamill [2009] FamCA 1324 (25 November 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Whether sole parental responsibility should be granted to the mother – Orders sought after the conclusion of a final hearing – Consideration of the principles in Rice & Asplund and Marsden & Winch – which school the

McDermott & Bond [2009] FamCA 1161 (20 November 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Interim proceedings – The child is living with the mother and spending time with the father on alternate weekends and during school holidays pursuant to final orders made in December 2008 – Mother alleges the child r

McGarat & England (No. 2) [2009] FamCA 1237 (18 November 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – interim orders – with whom a child lives – where orders were previously made for the children to live with the father – where the mother removed the children from school and did not return the children to the father

Cameroon & Darcy [2009] FamCA 1331 (12 November 2009) 
 FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Parties the subject of a State Police Domestic Violence Order – permission granted to attend a concert at the child’s school