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Tell me more about ReadNotify


Tell me more about ReadNotify

ReadNotify is an easy to use tool that provides Full Email Tracking Services: reliably find out when your email gets opened; how long it gets read for; where the reader is physically located; whether or not it gets printed out, forwarded, or published online; What URLs or web-links were clicked on; How many times it was was re-opened, and more.

  • Certified Proof of posting, delivery, and opening
  • Court admissible, Time-Stamped (Notarized), Verifiable, digitally signed email certificates
  • Self-Destructing email, automatically self-deletes according to the time you select (default=60 seconds after they open it).
  • Protection that blocks printing, mark/copy/paste, print-screen, saving, and forwarding etc is also included!
  • Retractable email, lets you delete an email – even after you have sent it!
  • Secure, password-protected email. Uses OpenPGP encryption and a fully automatic decryptor so anyone you email has secure access to your message (without them needing to install any software!)
  • Document Tracking, lets you track your Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or other OLE documents
  • Click-Through tracking to see if they clicked on that URL link you sent to them
  • Optional Delivery receipt Service (DSN), Message Disposition (MDN) Notification, manual and automatic return receipt request (email standards) activation.
  • Completely silent, undetectable tracking (optional tracking banners are available)
  • Recipient IP address, ISP, Language(s), email/browser and software capability reporting.
  • Live, self-updating return receipts are delivered via Email, free SMS, Pager, ICQ (AOL AIM and MSN Instant Messenger coming soon), and/or Web page.
  • Works for all recipients in all email programs and all webmail services on all computers (Windows, Mac, Unix, etc) without any downloads necessary.

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