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Australians overwhelmingly support Shared Parenting



Should 50-50 shared custody of children be abandoned? 

NO – 61.61% (1343 votes)
**YES – 38.39% (837 votes) 

**This online poll was published in the midst of a mis-leading and subsequently discredited newpaper article that has mis-represented the facts of the relevant 2006 Family Law amendment reviews. The implications in this article that “children are at risk” in shared care is contradicted by the relevant government reviews, and IS NOT supported by the federal Attorney General, Robert McClelland.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies review of the Shared Parenting amendments have concluded that:

“There is no evidence to suggest that family violence and highly conflictual inter-parental relationships are any greater in children with shared care time than for children with other care time arrangements”. 

Despite this highly inaccurate newspaper article, of 2,180 people polled, the was STILL a vast majority in support not only of shared care, but presumably of a rebuttable presumption of equal parenting time after separation.

Daily Telegraph Article: Children ‘at risk’ in shared parenting – 29/01/2010



Parent’s views about whether children do best when both parents stay involved in their lives after separation, 2006 and 2009. Results
81.4 % agree.
6.9 % disagree.

Overall trend towards greater involvement of both parents post separation from 2006 to 2009.

Government Review: Australian Institute of family Studies – Evaluation of the 2006 Family Law Reforms –02/02/2010


When parents break up, should 50/50 custody of kids be the norm? Results
91% of respondents said YES.
8% of respondents said no.
1% of respondents said I don’t know.

Goverment Review: Who Gets the Kids?” – SBS –23/03/2004



Should separated parents be required by law to share equally the custody of their children? Results
82% of respondents said YES.
18% of respondents said no.

The Sunday Program: “Caught in the Middle”. – the NINE network – 07/03/2004


shared parenting poll


Do you agree that both divorced parents be given legal rights to access to children? Results
90% of respondents said YES.
10% of respondents said no.

SkyChannel: 29/07/2004


skychannel child custody poll


FEDERAL POLL: Which Federal issue do you think needs the most attention in 2004?Results
184 National security 4.2%
70 Superannuation 1.6%
2723 Child custody 62.6% 
53 Childcare 1.2%
349 Tax 8%
162 Universities 3.7%
212 Home affordability 4.9%
424 Medicare 9.7%
80 Economy 1.8%
95 Unemployment 2.2%

Daily Telegraph: – 26/03/2004



Do you believe that Dads should have more rights in child custody?Results
98% of respondents said YES.
2% of respondents said no.

Willesee Across Australia: – Skynews – 2003



Sunday over the years

12 June 2005: Do you believe Australia’s child support laws are effective for all? Yes – 4% v No – 96%7

March 2004: Should separated parents be required by law to share equally the custody of their children? Yes – 82% v No – 18%June 13 2003: Should divorced parents be given equal shared custody of their children? Yes: 79% v No: 21%

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