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Legal Services Commissioner

The Legal Services Commissioner was established on 12 December 2005 to assist Victorians in the resolution of complaints about lawyers. The Commissioner is responsible for the receipt, investigation and resolution of any complaints about lawyers, as well as mediation of disputes between lawyers and their clients.

Prior to the establishment of the Legal Services Commissioner, there were four different bodies responsible for dealing with complaints against lawyers. The role of the Legal Services Commissioner was created to establish a single gateway for the fair, independent and efficient handling of complaints about lawyers.

Level 9, 330 Collins St Melbourne 3000  Phone – (03) 9679 8001 (Melbourne metro) or 1300 796 344 (local call within Victoria) Fax – (03) 9679 8101

Website link 

Information which may help you make your complaint:

  • the Legal Services Commissioner’s info on ‘Making a complaint’ and an online complaint form here
  • the Victorian Bar’s information on making a complaint against a barrister here

NEW SOUTH WALES  Office of the Legal Services Commissioner The Commissioner takes complaints about solicitors, barristers and licensed conveyancers in NSW, and can investigate or mediate a complaint or refer it to the Law Society, the Bar Association or the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Level 15, 8-12 Chifley Square Sydney 2000 GPO Box 4460 Sydney 2001 Phone – (02) 9377 1800 Freecall™ 1800 242 958 Fax – (02) 9377 1888 Email link  Website link  Information which may help you make your complaint:

  • the Legal Services Commissioner’s information on Complaints about lawyers here
  • Legal Services Commissioner’s complaint form here

QUEENSLAND  (1) Legal Services Commission (LSC)

The Legal Profession Act 2004 requires that complaints about the conduct of Barristers and Solicitors be made to the Legal Services Commission (LSC). The LSC is an independent statutory body that deals with complaints about the conduct of solicitors, barristers and law practice employees.

Complaints must be in writing on the form designed by the LSC for that purpose. The staff of the Legal Services Commission can provide advice.

Level 25, 307 Queen St, Brisbane 4000 PO Box 10310, Brisbane Adelaide Street 4000 Phone – (07) 3406 7737 (Brisbane) and 1300 655 754 (outside Brisbane, cost of a local call)  Fax – (07) 3406 7749

Email link Website link

Information which may help you with your complaint:

  • the LSC’s ‘How to make a complaint’ info here
  • the LSC’s online complaint form here
  • the Legal Profession Act 2004 here (download of 1.65MB)
  • Qld Law Society ‘If you have concerns’ info here
  • Qld Law Society info about ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ here
  • various documents relating to Barristers (on the website of the Bar Association of Queensland, under ‘About the Qld Bar’) here

  (2) Queensland Law Society (QLS)  The Society will take a complaint about malpractice, professional  misconduct or unprofessional conduct or practice  by a Qld Solicitor or their employee. It does not give legal advice.  Law Society House 179 Ann St Brisbane 4000 GPO Box 1785 Brisbane 4001 Phone – (07) 3842 5888  Fax – (07) 3842 5999  Email link  Website link  How to complain  You can ring for advice, but your complaint must be in writing.  Click here to go to the QLS’ complaints process and to use the QLS complaints form. SOUTH AUSTRALIA  (1) Legal Practitioners Conduct Board (LPCB) The LPCB is set up under the Legal Practitioners Act 1981 to deal with complaints against lawyers. It’s an independent statutory authority, separate from the Law Society of South Australia. It can investigate and take action in relation to misconduct. It can also conciliate matters which are the subject of a complaint and deal with overcharging complaints.  GPO Box 230 Adelaide 5001  Level 3, 33 Franklin St Adelaide 5000  Phone – (08) 8212 7924  Fax – (08) 8231 0747  Email link  LPCB website Information which may help you with your complaint:

(2) Law Society of South Australia  The Law Society of South Australia can assist with information, but cannot investigate complaints.  124 Waymouth St Adelaide 5000  GPO Box 2066 Adelaide 5001 Phone – (08) 8229 0229 or 8229 0234  Fax – (08) 8410 5688 Website link    WESTERN AUSTRALIA  (1) Legal Practitioners Complaints Committee  This is an independent office that investigates complaints about the conduct of legal practitioners in WA. PO Box Z5293 St George’s Tce Perth 6831  Level 2, 55 St George’s Tce Perth 6000 Phone – (08) 9461 2299 Fax – (08) 9461 2265  Email link How to complain  Ring to check – many things can be sorted out with a few phone calls.  You may need to put the complaint in writing. All legal practitioners practising in WA must comply with Professional Conduct Rules established and maintained by the Law Society of WA. (2) Law Society of WA It does not give legal Society House 33 Barrack St Perth 6000 Phone – (08) 9322 7877 Fax –  (08) 9322 7899Website link  (3) WA Bar Association Phone – (08) 9220 0444  Fax – (08) 9325 9111  Email link 

TASMANIA  To complain about a lawyer in Tasmania, contact the Executive Director  of the Law Society Tasmania in the first instance. If you’re not satisfied with the way your complaint is handled, you should contact the Legal Ombudsman. Information which might help you make your complaint:

  • Legal Ombudsman’s info on complaints here

(1) Law Society of Tasmania  28 Murray St Hobart 7000 Phone – (03) 6234 4133 Fax – (03) 6223 8240Website link 

(2) Legal Ombudsman  The Legal Ombudsman is a statutory officer whose role is to protect the public interest by:

  • monitoring the handling, by the Law Society of Tasmania, of complaints against legal practitioners
  • reviewing the manner in which complaints have been investigated
  • bringing to the complaints handling process a community perspective

15 Murray St Hobart 7000 Phone – (03) 6233 3364 Fax – (03) 6233 4509  Website link  ACT  (1) The Law Society of the ACT  (for complaints about both solicitors and barristers in the ACT) 1 Farrell Place Canberra 2600  GPO Box 1562 Canberra 2601  Phone – (02) 6247 5700  Fax – (02) 6247 3754  Email link Website link NORTHERN TERRITORY  (1) Law Society of the Northern Territory  The Legal Practitioners Act (NT) provides for the Law Society to be the first tier of a three tiered system of regulation of the legal profession comprising the Law Society, the Legal Practitioners’ Complaints Committee and the Supreme Court. The Society will investigate all complaints and refer the serious matters  to the Legal Practitioners’ Complaints Committee. PO Box 2388 Darwin 0801 Phone – (08) 8981 5104  Fax – (08) 8941 1623  Website link Email link Information which may help you make your complaint:

  • Law Society’s information on complaints here

(2) NT Bar Association Go to Bar Association website