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Jul 142014

Independant Children's Lawyer family law surveyIf you are one of the many fathers who believe that they have been discriminated against by a Court appointed ICL (Independent Children’s Lawyers) during child custody proceedings, simply because of your gender, well these family law researchers want to hear from you.

Family Law Express have just released a survey asking for feedback from parents who have worked with an ICL during their child custody matter.

Do you believe the ICL was professional, did they understand the family law act, did they treat you differently because of your gender, did they even bother to talk to you?

The Family Law Express Independent Children’s Lawyers survey asks these questions and more, probing the professionalism of a group of effectively unregulated solicitors who are better known for their gender-political ideologies than they are for their focus on a child’s best interests.

Whilst the Australian Government Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has recently released a report aimed towards the better utilisation of ICL’s, Family Law Express is endeavouring to add to the debate through its own direct-to-consumer research. In doing, these researchers wish to both elaborate on and question findings of the AIFS report, and to define the common experience between families and ICL’s in an attempt to uncover truths and offer suggestions for innovative legal reform. Through such research they aim to add to the public debate what many parent’s believe to be the real value of involving an ICL in child related Court matters, without the double-speak or self-justification that often occurs when governments focus almost solely on the opinions of so called experts.

Family Law Express is asking all parents who have been involved with ICL’s to contribute in prompting important and necessary legal reform. We ask you to please participate in our short survey on your experience with ICL’s and to add to this significant debate within family law.

Your help in promoting out survey on your site would be instrumental in our aim to reach out to as many parents as possible from diverse backgrounds in order to truly understand the experience of parents with independent children’s lawyers.

This survey will only take a few minutes of your time but would provide invaluable feedback on the performance of ICL in Family Law children’s matters.

Tell us about your experience with an ICL at

If you have any questions please contact Jessica at

  3 Responses to “Family Law Researchers Seeking Feedback on Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL)”

  1. I had all female issue ..the icl female-the judge female -my ex wife’s lawyer female and yes they sent me to female doctors and a gay family report writer but I was also up against others in legal aid who were backing the woman’s rights organisation and they were also backing the violence against women campaign actively putting in my face as I was accused of domestic violence and was put on a dvo for calling my ex wife a efing slu* because I caught her cheating…
    Yes I felt that all fairness and the law went out the window so the people in charge (the women) had another agenda discriminated against is a understatement …

  2. This was an email(1) to the ICL regirding my children attending school-The second email is the issue of Risk not addressed by the ICL as set out in FLA 1975 SEC 60CC

    email(1) Dear Ms Stokes,

    I contacted your office on the 19th September 2014 for discussion around the children and confirmation of the children’s attendance at school and requested contact by email/phone and i called you office again today.

    It is my understanding that Morgan Sorahan is not attending school and Ms Hunt has advised that ‘Home schooling’ is/has been organised,i have been advised by the deputy principle that the documentation for home schooling has not been applied for or presented to the school

    It is my understanding that the role of the ICL is ‘The best interest of the children’ as set out in the FLA 1975, during your tenure you have ignored the Risk concerns regarding Mr Alfred Kenneth Ball

    resulting in the child/children being assaulted and emotionally abused,you ignored the clearly foreseeable ‘Risk’

    It may well be that you are too busy,i have asked the ministers office to assist as the children need to go to school

    Paul Sorahan

    email 2 Dear Ms Stokes,

    I will address your questions at a later date,i am waiting to be advised from the FCWA regarding an independent /transparent report leading up to the the 10th July 2014 assault.

    I make the following comments;

    I am advised that this term Ella,Mia Sorahan have attended school less that 52%, as the ’ICL’ what steps are you taking to ensure the children’s educational needs are met?(For the Record)

    Ms Hunt is clearly not following Court Orders.

    As set out in emails Ms Hunt has failed to advise of Mr Ball ‘’Liberty’

    Mr Ball is on bail and is to appear on the 10th September 2014

    As the ’ICL’ what steps are you taking to ensure the children’s Safety ? (For the Record)

    Ms Hunt and the children are at ‘RISK’.(For the Record)

    Ms Hunt cannot/should not be allowed to put the children ‘At Risk’ at Dwellingup (For the Record)

    Ms Hunt has no intention to move away from Dwellingup.

    On the 22nd January 2014 at the FCWA you gave no merit to my concerns regarding the ‘RISK’ of Mr Ball resulting in the 10th July 2014. You did however calmly tell me that i probably wouldn’t see the children until at least Christmas 2014 and i noted you said lots of ‘Fathers don’t see their children’(on the record)

    I urge you to consider the ‘RISK’ that the children are exposed to.(For the Record)

    In March 2014 you received by email my Form 4,however in court on the 8th August 2014 you referenced the family Court form 4 You failed to respond.


    For and on behalf of Morgan,Ella,Mia Paul Sorahan

  3. Family Court 15 months ago in Parramatta.
    ICL was brilliant. Saw straight through the mothers Alienating behaviour
    and pretty much handed me what I’d been asking/begging/fighting for, for nearly
    7 years. That was to let our children have contact with and the love
    of both parents.
    We didn’t even make it inside the Court room because of the efforts
    & understanding of this ICL.
    I’ve heard horror stories, and don’t get me started on the so-called
    Family Experts appointed by the courts to say if your fit enough to have
    ANY relationship with your children. Biggest waste of time and money.
    You can contact me on the above address for a more detailed insight of my experience
    if you wish

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